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Have you had a horse or pony stolen? Is it missing on loan?

Sadly each year a number of horses are stolen or go missing on loan with few being recovered and returned to their owners. Click here to read more about avoiding horse theft.

If you have been a victim and lost a horse or pony due to theft, please add the details to this section FREE.

You can add up to 4 photos, You Tube footage, links to web or social media sites as well as printing your advert as a poster to place locally or email it direct to friends.

All adverts are published immediately and any changes can be made easily by logging into your account.

We will share the details with 1000's of our social media friends, fans and followers and hope it will increase the chance of getting your horse home safe and sound.

If you have placed an advert with us before you will already hold an account, therefore you will need to first login.

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What happens next?

Step 1 Advert Details

You will be asked to complete a form which contains all the key information needed to sell your horse. You can add up to 4 photos, along with You Tube Footage and links to your website or Facebook page.

Step 2 Preview Advert

After completing the form, you will be given the opportunity to view the advert as it will be seen by the public when it's published. There is an edit facility which allows you to make any changes or updates.

Step 3 Confirm

All adverts for stolen or missing horses are FREE so simply confirm you are happy for the advert to be published.

Step 4 Advert Published Immediately

Your advert will be published immediately and will appear on our Social Media Sites (Facebook Page and Twitter) within a few days. Don't forget you can print your advert as an A4 poster to place or locally or email it to friends.

Changing your Advert

You will be able to update or amend your advert at anytime during the listing. This can be done by logging into the website using the email and password requested during Step 1. Alternatively, we are happy to make any changes for you.

Helpful Organisations

HORSEWATCH SCOTLAND is the newest Horsewatch Scheme to be launched in Scotland and has been greatly welcomed by the British Horse Society who have been working tirelessly to educate horse owners and riders in equine safety for many years.

The Stolen Horse Register Web site provides access to details of horses, ponies and donkeys that have been registered, primarily by Horsewatch regions, as stolen or missing on the Stolen Horse Register

UK Horsewatch Alliance is group of people from Horsewatch groups all over the country, who will meet at regular intervals to work together to provide a network of information and support to combat equine crime.

List your stolen property.

National Equine Crime Database

Warwickshire Horse Watch website is full of crime prevention information to help you protect your horse, tack and property. Documents are available to download and you can visit the incident log which is updated daily.

North Wales Horse Watch has been set up to prevent, reduce and detect equine related crime. The success of the scheme relies on the dedication of its members. Their commitment to their horses provides a basis on which to build a range of measures which can help to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Last Updated: July 2013