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Considering selling your horse? where should you advertise?

You have a choice of places available to advertise your horse or pony, but which one is the best for you?

Publications are very popular however potential buyers often have to purchase the magazine or paper to view your advert. They can view adverts on EquestrianNeeds.com free in the comfort of their home.

Local Stores reach a local audience. Print your advert from EquestrianNeeds.com to place locally.

Websites EquestrianNeeds.com is easy to use and your advert will be published immediately. Using the internet means you have a potentially huge audience who can view your horse at anytime of the day or night.

Selling your unwanted tack? Changing your horsebox?

We all accumulate tack, rugs and other goods over the years. Why not turn your unused items into cash and advertise in the equestrian classified section?

The benefits of advertising with us include:

1. Immediately availability Unlike other websites your advertisement will be available immediately payment is made. You can also preview your advert exactly as it will appear before publishing the details.

2. Choice of advertising time
You choose how long you want to advertise, from as little as 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Why pay extra for advertising you don't need?

3. Easy relist facilities If you horse isn't sold, use our relist facilities as often as you require.

4. Key information
How many listings have you read in other websites which are missing key information, such as height and age, from the advertisement? Our simple form ensures this information is always available so potential buyers can easily find your horse.

5. Multiple activities
No more trying to select and pay extra to have your horse listed in multiple categories. Instead select up to five activities with which to associate your horse at no extra cost.

6. Clear and spacious adverts
You no longer need to waste valuable description space with the basic information and with 1000 characters of space which is calculated for you you do not need to count words or lines of text.

7. Online and immediate changes
Amend and update your advert at any time at no extra charge, your latest competition results and new photos could make the difference.

8. Excellent value for money
Cost effective with a simple pricing structure, the amount payable is automatically calculated for you.

9. Promotions
Look out for our regular breed and activity of the month PROMOTIONS.

10. Membership facilties
If you sell horses and ponies regularly we can offer you membership facilities which provide excellent value for advertising.

11. Transparency Unlike other websites, you know what company you are dealing with and how to contact us.

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