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Equestrian events were first included in the Paralympic program in 1984 and have featured at every Games since Atlanta 1996. The events will take place in Greenwich Park commencing the 30th August.

Paralympic athletes compete in three Dressage tests: a Team Test (with three to four riders per team), an Individual Championship Test, and a Freestyle Test, where athletes choose their own movements and music. Across all tests, horse and rider must be in harmony and create an impression of lightness and rhythm. Medals are awarded for the Individual Championship Test, the Freestyle Test and the Team score. The Team score is the result of the Team and Individual Championship Tests added together (the best three scores of a team count). All riders, whether competing in a team or not, may ride in the Team Test. Athletes are classified across five grades:

Ia, Ib, II, III and IV. The impairments of Grade Ia athletes have the greatest impact on their ability to ride, while the impairments of Grade IV athletes have the least impact.

The system of grades ensure that the tests can be judged on the skill of the rider, regardless of their disability. Riders may use permitted assistive devices such as dressage crops and connecting rein bars; visually impaired riders are permitted to use callers to help them navigate around the arena. The Dressage competition takes place in a 60m x 20m arena (Grade IV) or 40m x 20m (Grades I-III).

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Paralympic Schedule of Events

Thursday 30 August
Team Test - Grade II
Team Test - Grade Ib

Friday 31 August
Team Test - Grade IV
Team Test - Grade III
Team Test - Grade Ia

Saturday 1 September
Individual Championship Test - Grade II
Individual Championship Test - Grade Ib

Sunday 2 September
Individual Championship Test - Grade IV
Individual Championship Test - Grade III
Individual Championship Test - Grade Ia

Monday 3 September
Individual Freestyle Test - Grade II
Individual Freestyle Test - Grade Ib

Tuesday 4 September
Individual Freestyle Test - Grade IV
Individual Freestyle Test - Grade III
Individual Freestyle Test - Grade Ia