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Some forms of advertising have restricted space to write descriptions and as a result, a number of abbreviations are commonly found in adverts for horses.

You can find the most common listed below.

BD - British Dressage

BHS - British Horse Society

BSJA - British Show Jumping Association

BSPS - British Show Pony Society

BWB - British Warmblood

CB - Cleveland Bay

CHAPS - Coloured Horse Society

C/S - Cob Size

FR - First Ridden

F/S - Full Size

HOYS - Horse of the Year Show

HT - Hunter Trials

H/W - Heavyweight

ID - Irish Draught

IMO - In my opinion

KWPN - Royal Warmblood Stud Book of the Netherlands

LDR - Long Distance Riding

LR - Lead Rein

L/W - Lightweight

LWVTB - Loan with view to buy

MGA - Mounted Games Association

M&M - Mountain & Moorland

M/W - Middleweight

NF - New Forest

NPS - National Pony Society

ODE - One Day Event

O/N - Open Novice

PB - Part Bred

PC - Pony Club

PPC - Prince Philip Cup

PUK - Ponies UK

POA - Price on Application

QH - Quarter Horse

RC - Riding Club

RCP - Riding Club Pony

RH - Riding Horse

RP - Ridden Pony

SH - Show Hunter

SHP - Show Hunter Pony

SJ - Showjumping

SP - Show Pony

TB - Thoroughbred

TBX - Thoroughbred cross

WB - Warmblood

WH - Working Hunter

WHP - Working Hunter Pony

YO - Yard Owner

XC - Cross Country