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Equine welfare in Ireland falls under the Protection of Animals (amendment) Act 1965. The Garda Siochana, have statutory authority over animal welfare.

Additional laws pertaining to equine welfare include:

Registration of Equine Premises

From 1 May 2012, it is a legal requirement that premises where equines are kept be registered with the Department. This enables them to hold information on the location of horses so that equine and land owners can be identified and advised of any precautions in the event of a disease outbreak.

Control of Horses Act, 1996

This acts provides for the control of horses and makes provision for the licensing of hroses in urban and other areas where they may cause danger to persons or property.

Report a Welfare Concern

ISPCA National Helpline - 1890 515 515

DSPCA (Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m) Ring 01- 499 4700 (option 1) Outside of these hours, and you feel your call is an emergency please contact your local Garda Station

Irish Horse Welfare Trust - 0404 45720 / 0404 30773

Irelands Equine Crisis (Meath, Kildare and Dublin areas) - 085 - 1177556 (available limited hours, if your call is an emergency please call your local Garda Station. (www.irelandsequinecrisis.com)

National Horse Amnesty Programme 01-4994747 The program is designed to encourage horse owners who are no longer able to care for their horses to seek help and advice from the Dublin SPCA. Owners can ring in confidence and discuss their situation, an Amnesty Liaison Officer will assist them in the next steps.

Last Updated: November 2012