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Horses & Equine Goods

The following adverts can be placed FREE of charge

  • For Loan/Share
  • Wanted
  • Missing/Stolen
  • Trying to Find
  • Rehome (charities only)

Advertising Prices

  • For Sale - £1 per week plus VAT
  • Classified (horseboxes, tack and other items) - £0.50 per week plus VAT
  • Stallion at Stud - £1 per week plus VAT

Our simple and easy to follow pricing includes the following in each horse or classified advert:

Duration - List your advert from 2 weeks to 12 weeks duration
Activities - For horse adverts include up to 5 activities such as All Rounder, Showjumper, etc.
Photos - Add up to 4 photographs
Description - 1000 characters available for the description which is in addition to the basic information.
Weblink - Add a weblink to a website of your choice
Video - Add You Tube footage to appear on your advert
Control - Manage your advert online, change the content, add more images, end the advert early or relist if the horse isn't sold.
Cost - For your convenience, the total cost of the advertisement will be calculated automatically for you when you place your advert along with any discounts which apply and the VAT payable.
Transparency - Unlike other websites, you know what company you are dealing with and how to contact us.

Payment Methods Accepted

Where payment is required, you may pay online with a debit or credit card using Sage Pay who provide secure payment facilities. We accept payment in both Sterling and Euros.

Business Advertising

Horse Traders Membership

Do you sell horses regularly? if so, our Horse Traders Membership will provide you with excellent value for money and a great service.

Click here for further details.

Services and Equipment Advertisments

We provide an excellent showcase facility for businesses to provide information to customers on what they can provide and the benefits.

Advertise from as little as £1 per week.

Click here for full details on how to advertise your business in the Services or Equipment Sections on EquestrianNeeds.com.

Banner Advertisements

In addition to our excellent Services and Equipment advertising packages, we also offer Banner Advertising across all areas of the website.

Advertise from as little as £3 per week.

Click here for further details of our Banner Advertising packages

Events Advertising

List your event on our Show Dates Calendar for free or upgrade and place an Events Banner Advert.

From £1 per week

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