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Advertising your horse or pony online couldn't be simpler. Whilst your listing can be seen by thousands of potential buyers, you do need to ensure that your advert is clear, concise and contains all the essential information needed to attract the right buyer to enable you to sell your horse.

After you have written your advert, you should ask yourself if it would persuade you to go and view. If the answer is no, you will need to rethink the content.

Advert Title

Think carefully about the title as this is often the first part of the advert potential buyers read and is therefore a key opportunity for you to attract attention to your horse or pony.


Use the description section to include information about the horse which is not already covered in mandatory information (such as height, age and sex). You should draw attention to the features of your horse which make it special and explain its main purpose. Consider including details on:

  • Breeding, details of the dam and sire.
  • Temperament, for example, good temperament not marish.
  • Fitness and current training.
  • Competition results.
  • Name of the trainer or rider if they are well known.
  • Any vices or comments on general behaviour.
  • Veterinary status, for example open to vetting


Photos are strongly recommended. With the increasing use of mobile phones it can be tempting to add a poor quality shot. Consider the impression you want to give potential buyers and carefully select a clear, sharp photo. It is helpful if they reflect the purpose for which you are selling, for example, a showjumper should display the horse's technique over a fence. A side on shot will give a good view of confirmation whereas a head only shot may indicate that the rest of the horse is being hidden for a reason.

Professional Photos

Where professional photos are being used, the photographer should be credited in the advert. It is the responsibility of the person placing the advert to ensure this occurs.


Videos are an excellent way to show your horse and are particularly useful for potential buyers who are not in the locality. Think about the key points you want to show in your video. A video of your horse grazing in the field will not display his best points however, video of a show or of work in the arena can display his movement and ability.


We recommend that you include a price as most buyers have a budget and will search accordingly. It is important that people responding to your advert have the funds to match your asking price. The key is to include a price and an explanation on the value of your horse. If you are unsure of the value, research others for sale in your area. Buyers will also often haggle over the price however asking an inflated price is one of the key reasons for your horse remaining unsold. You may also want to include tack and rugs but don't forget to explain that is/is not covered in the asking price.


If you are placing your horse for loan or share, we recommend that you include any conditions such as location, activities and responsibilities. For more information on Loan/Share agreements

BHS Loan Agreement
Estimated Size: 500KB

Bogus Buyers & Scammers

Protect yourself, be aware of bogus buyers and scammers. For more information on scammers click here