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Considering Hunting?

As autumn approaches, the hunting season starts once again. Perhaps you are a seasoned hunter dusting down your attire or a newcomer who has listened to the tales of adventure and wants to give it a go.

We have put together a guide which we hope you will help you through the myriad of tradition, etiquette and good fun.

Where to start?

There are a number of hunts around the countryside and you can find your local pack by looking at Bailey’s Hunt Directory or asking friends and accomplices who are already members or who have some experience of the sport.

Hunting Attire

Hunting Horses & Tack

Hunting Field Etiquette

Staying Safe on the Hunting Field

Hunting within the Law

Hound Exercise

Hound exercise is used to get both hounds and hunt horses fit and ready for the cubbing season. More importantly it is used to teach the hounds the way of the countryside and how to find their way home from far-flung places and civility. Sadly the occasional hound does get lost and whilst it is hoped they will make their way back to the kennels it is more likely they will return to where they were unloaded. Alternatively, followers, friend or foe have been known to collect them for you.

For riders it is an invaluable experience to ride in the country and to be able to stop and talk to people whilst under no time pressures! It is usually at a steady pace with some cantering depending on how long they have been out on exercise.

Autumn Hunting

Or cubbing is hunting young fox cubs before the formal season. This is also training for young hounds where they are taken out with older dogs usually from August to October.

It can also be a gentle introduction to the newcomer rider before the chaos of full hunting commences.

Drag Hunting

The hounds hunt either the natural scent of a human runner, knows as the 'clean boot' or an artificial scent laid down by a horse rider over a predetermined route. This can have the advantage that the hounds can be kept safely away from livestock, vulnerable crops, roads and railway lines and can ensure fun filled safe jumping.

Last Updated: September 2013

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