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Code of Practice

Masters of the Foxhounds Association have published a Code of Good Hunting, which has been written for everyone who goes hunting, be they Masters, huntsmen, officials of long standing or newcomers to hunting. You can read more about the code by clicking here.

Hunts attract followers on foot and there is also guidance on the behaviour expected from those supporters. You can read more about instructions to hunt followers by clicking here.

Staying within the Law

The hunting ban has proved a controversial piece of legislation but as of 2012 it remains firmly in place. Hunting legislation varies depending on your location so please check locally.

England & Wales

The Hunting Act 2004 bans the hunting with dogs of all wild mammals in England and Wales, including fox, deer, hare and mink, except where it is carried out in accordance with the conditions of one of the exemptions set out in the Act.

You can find some further details on the impact of the ban at the following links

Direct Gov - Hunting with Dogs


Hunting with dogs is also banned in Scotland.

Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 - An Act of the Scottish Parliament to protect wild mammals from being hunted with dogs; and for connected purposes.

Northern Ireland

Hunting with dogs is still allowed in Northern Ireland. However a bill has been raised at the NI Assembly proposing a ban similar to England and Wales. Click here for more information


Hunting with dogs remains legal in Ireland.

Most importantly, hunting is about staying safe and having fun so that you too will be able to join the tales and laughter in the spring as you reminisce over the winter season.

Last Updated: September 2013

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