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There are hundreds of thousands of horses in the UK and Ireland, the majority of which are well cared for in loving, knowledgeable homes. However, sadly each year a growing number are neglected, abused and abandoned. The reasons are complex and can include over breeding, economic hardship, ignorance of good horse husbandry and in a small minority, willful neglect and cruelty.

Without calls from the public who report cruelty in their area, organizations would not be aware of most instances and the information provided can go a long way to helping.

If you are a horse owner, set a good example to others and ensure you show your horse love and good care. Spare a thought for those less fortunate horses and do what you can to support your local equine charities and welfare organizations.

To find out more about helping your local equine charity or rehoming horses and ponies click here

Identifying a Potential Welfare Issue

You can help to identify horses whose care is less than adequate for a healthy and happy existence. An equine may be experiencing welfare issues if they:

What you can do

If you have any concerns regarding the condition of a horse, pony or donkey, you can report it to a welfare organization or authority.


If there are horses loose on the road, please dial 999 and inform the Police or Garda. They will have a legal power of enforcement.

If you want to make a report, it is helpful to provide the following:

  1. Why are you concerned? eg lame, underweight. Include the time and date you last saw the animal.
  2. Full description of the horse(s) including the sex, approximate height, colour, distinguishing marks etc.
  3. If known, any information regarding the owner of the horse or whose land it is situated.
  4. The location including a full description to help anyone assisting to find the horse.
  5. Any previous reports which have been made to other organisations.
  6. The contact details of any witnesses who may be able to help.
  7. Your contact details, this information can be kept confidential.

The laws under which equines are protected and the reporting options available to you, varies according to your location.

To find out more about select your location.

For those involved in welfare in the Equine Industry, the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) have produced the ?Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium for Horses, Ponies and Donkeys (Third Edition)" which contains helpful information and provides a valuable resource to those involved in welfare cases.

Last Updated: November 2012