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  • Know the Highway Code; understand road signs, markings, lights and junctions. Rule 51 of the Highway code advises riders that it is safer not to ride on the road at night or in poor visibility.
  • Hi Visibility clothing will always help you and your horse to be seen by other road users. Highlight those areas most likely to be in direct line of the sight of vehicle drivers, ie car bonnet to car roof height. For more information on Hi Viz click here
  • Ensure you indicate your intentions to other road users at all times.
  • Children under the age of 14 MUST wear a helmet which complies with the Regulations. It MUST be fastened securely. Other riders should also follow these requirements. (rule 49)
  • Never ride a horse without both a saddle and bridle. (rule 53)
  • As a rider you are seated higher than drivers and therefore often have a better view and see hazards which are not visible to drivers. Drivers need to look out for signals from a rider (and you need to make them!) and be ready to slow down or stop.
  • Ride on the left side of the road and single file as much as possible, you may ride two abreast to accompany children and young/nervous horses. You should return to single file where the road narrows and when approaching bends.
  • Do not ride on pavements or ornamental grass verges. (rule 54)
  • You may ride and lead one other horse on the road; ensure the led horse is on the riders left, with the rider between it and the traffic. When leading a horse you should always wear a bridle or anti rearing bit.
  • Plan your hack to avoid rush hour traffic, busy junctions and avoid riding at dusk or in the dark.
  • Using your mobile phone whilst riding can both a distraction and means that both hands are not on the reins. Avoid using your mobile when riding unless it's an emergency.
  • If riding in the evening, ensure you leave sufficient time to return to your stables before dark. I

If you are riding in a group

  • Set the pace with all riders before moving off
  • Consider road crossings and avoid the “trickle effect”
  • Do not “wander” around the road and avoid obstructing other road users.

For more information about riding and the highway code please visit the Direct Gov website