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Protect Yourself

Whilst the internet provides an excellent tool for bringing buyers and sellers together, sadly, not all enquiries received are genuine.

A large number of scammers operate in the equestrian and other industries. Some are very sophisticated and can appear as genuine enquiries. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are a number of common themes which may help you to identify a scammer.

  • The email uses broken english.
  • Phrases such as "best price" or "final price" are often used.
  • Keen to purchase the horse without asking any questions and the transaction has a sense of urgency.
  • Collection of the horse will involve "shipping costs".
  • Payment by cheque or "check" sometimes in dollars.
  • They will give unusual descriptions of the horse's capabilities, for example, won many competitions dressage and western riding.
  • Inaccurate information such as 13.4hh.
  • May use amercian terms such as ranch and wagon.
  • Often "good with beginners" or "playful".
  • Photos are sometimes provided, pay particular attention to the background for clues as to where and when the photos were taken.

What to do if you receive a suspect contact

  • If you receive contact by email, do not respond. Simply delete the email. On EquestrianNeeds.com, your email address is not revealed to the sender. This will only occur if you reply to the email.
  • If you have replied to the bogus buyer, please don't worry. Cease contact and mark the email as "junk" or "spam". This will ensure your email provider will filter such contacts from this user in the future.
  • Scammers may ask a number of personal questions such as your address or if you have children. Do not answer these questions.

How can EquestrianNeeds help?

We take website security very seriously and at EquestrianNeeds.com we have implemented a number of features to prevent you receiving such contacts including hidden security features, spam filtering and content checking, however a small number of contacts may still slip through successfully.

We are happy to check any emails or discuss any contacts with you. With many years experience in the IT industry we are aware of many scams and can easily identify these for you. Contact us at 07969 798194 or email horseadverts@equestrianneeds.com.

Example Bogus Buyers and Sellers

Below are a number of actual scam emails

Example 1

".....hello just saw your wanted ad and want to let you know that i have a horse to give out please mail me for more details and pictures thanks...."

Note the broken english, incorrect grammar and unusual description of "horse to give out?

Example 2

"....Hello, i will like you to know that i sew your ads on the internet about the horse you have for-sale, and i will like to have the final price you have the horse for sale, i will be expecting your reply soon....."

Note the spelling mistakes, mention of "final price" and sense of urgency in "expecting your reply soon".

Example 3

"....Thanks very much for the email and am very much okay with the price you gave,and i will like to let you to know that the payment will be by check or money order, which will be mail out by my client that is owing me some amount. And i will like you to know that i will take care of the shipping by sending my shipping company to pick the (horse) up for me at your location that you will provide for me below,and i will like you to know that my client will send the sum of and Overdraft to you, and after you have cash the check at your nearest cashing outlet or at the nearest bank,you will have to send excess funds to the shipping company that will pick the (horse) for me at your location through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, so that the pickup will be easy and fast, and the shipping company will come along with the necessary documentation for the transportation,and the shipping company will provide you with the info where the payment will be made to through the email and they will give you a call on how the pickup will be arrange from you location.

As for the info that i require for the payment to be mailed out, this is the info below :


As soon as i get this info i will forward the info to my client that will issue out the payment to you, and i will like to add $50 to the fees for you keeping the (horse) for me and i will like if you could send the pics as well.Thanks

There are a number of scam features in thise email

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Broken english
  • Request to return the over payment through Western Union by which time the cheque will have bounced and you will have provided the scammer with money.
  • Click here to read more about Western Union
  • Use of dollars rather than sterling or Euros
  • Horse is in brackets which indicates that this information is automatically filled in the email and would be changed depending on the item being bought.

Example 4

".........Thanks for your concern and interest you have for my horse. The horse is still available for sale. The horse is 6 years and now he is vaccinated and registered. The horse is beautiful and very intelligent too. Please, I want you to know that I love very much the horse but since my work doesn't not permit me too take very good care him, that is why I am giving the horse out The horse is very beautiful, he is well trained and up in our home, he won many competitions, the horse can be used for drivin,, jumps, schooling etc., I want to give these horse to a home that will give you all

love, care and attention he will need, Please, before I agree to give the horse to you, I would like you answer questions, so I can know what kind of house that my

horse will be entering, below are some qualities of the horse

Breed : pony
Gender : Gelding
Weight : 1000 kg
Color : sorrel
Temperament : 3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)
Characteristics : Dressage, Riding,driving, Western Pleasure and lots more.Very good for beginners.he is playful with other pets just as you can see on the pictures, we just relocated to eidingburg scotland

Below are the questions:

How old are you"
where are you located"
Have you ever had a horse before"
what are you doing for a living"
You know how to care for a horse"
You know how to ride?
You will take good care of the horse"
You have a range where you will keep the horse"
Do you know dressage horses"
do you have kids"

Please, I am a bit sorry for all the questions, I just want to be sure you will take good care of the horse, and also that my horse will be happy in your house. Below are some photos of the beautiful horse, take a look at it and back to me if you like them......."

Note the scam features on this email

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Inconsistent use of capitals and grammar
  • Breed of pony which is 13.4hh and weighs 1000kg
  • Use of amercian terms such as range which should actually be ranch
  • Asking personal questions so that future scammers can target you

Example 4


How are you doing today"Hope well.I'm very interested in purchasing your Horses for sale.Kindly reply back to me with the follow details below,

The present condition of it....

The reason why you are selling it....

The last offer price for it....

I will be looking forward to your reply,so that i can move further on my purchasing from you.


Suspicious email" read more about how to protect against phishing