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Selling your horse online couldn't be easier.

With thousands of visitors from across the UK and Ireland, EquestrianNeeds.com is one of the best websites to advertise your horse or pony. We also share the details with 1000's of our Facebook friends, Fans and Twitter Followers.

Advertise your horse easily online. Help features are available to guide you through every step and ensure you get the most from your advert.

You can add up to 4 photos, You Tube footage, links to web or social media sites as well as printing your advert as a poster to place locally or email it direct to friends.

Adverts cost £1 per week plus VAT and are published immediately payment is made. Any changes can be made easily by logging into your account.

If you have placed an advert with us before you will already hold an account, therefore you will need to first login.

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Need some help?
If you prefer, we are happy to place your advert for you, simply phone us, send the details by email or text us at ++44 (0)7969 798194.

What happens next?

Step 1 Advert Details
You will be asked to complete a form which contains all the key information needed to sell your horse. You can add up to 4 photos, along with You Tube Footage and links to your website or Facebook page. You can also advertise your horse in either Sterling or Euros. Find conversion rates here.

Step 2 Preview Advert
After completing the form, you will be given the opportunity to view the advert as it will be seen by the public when it's published. There is an edit facility which allows you to make any changes or updates.

Step 3 Pay
Upon confirmation, you will be taken to secure payment facilities were we accept most debit, mastercard and visa cards. If you have received a promotional offer, you will be asked for your promotional code prior to payment.

Step 4 Advert Published Immediately
After successful payment, your advert will be published immediately and will appear on our Social Media Sites (Facebook Page and Twitter) within a few days. Don't forget you can print your advert as an A4 poster to place locally or email it to friends.

Changing your Advert
You will be able to update or amend your advert at anytime during the listing. This can be done by logging into the website using the email and password requested during Step 1. Alternatively, we are happy to make any changes for you.

How to get the most from your Advert

Key Information

We ask for key information in a form and the more detail you provide in each section the greater chance of your horse being included in specific searches within the website and in Google. Some information is mandatory and is marked with an asterix.

Advert Title

Think carefully about the title as this is often the first part of the advert potential buyers read and is therefore a key opportunity for you to attract attention to your horse or pony.


Use the description section to include information about the horse which is not already covered in the form. This can include

  • Breeding, details of the dam and sire
  • Temperament
  • Fitness and current training
  • Competition results
  • Name of the trainer or rider if they are well known
  • Any vices or comments on general behaviour
  • Veterinary status, for example open to vetting


Photos are recommended and you can add up to four. (we can also upload any picture messages for you if you send them to 07969 798194). Consider the impression you want to give potential buyers and carefully select a clear, sharp photo. It is helpful if they reflect the purpose for which you are selling, for example, a showjumper should display the horse's technique over a fence. A side on shot will give a good view of confirmation whereas a head only shot may indicate that the rest of the horse is being hidden for a reason.

Photos should be no larger than 2000px by 3000px and up to 2MB. If you need any help with your photos, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Professional Photos

Where professional photos are being used, the photographer should be credited in the advert. It is the responsibility of the person placing the advert to ensure this occurs. Equestrian Needs Ltd asks you to confirm that you have permission to use the photo as part of the process of placing an advert. Equestrian Needs Ltd cannot be held responsible for any issues arising due to copyright protection on photographs.

You Tube Footage

Video footage is a fantastic way to display your horse to as many potential buyers as possible from the comfort of an armchair. It also helps to reduce the timespent on timewasters. You Tube footage can be embedded within the advert and we will also ensure it is added to the EquestrianNeeds.com You Tube Channel.


Weblinks to your website or Facebook page can be added. Please remember when adding Facebook links that to view pages, you must have a Facebook Account.


You may specify up to five activities for your horse. These should be the most relevant to your horse's experience or potential and are a key feature of any search carried out by potential buyers.


We recommend that you include a price as most buyers have a budget and will search accordingly. There is no point in people responding to your advert if they do you have the funds to match your asking price. The key is to include a price and explanation on the value of your horse.

Advert Duration

Consider how long you want your advertisement to be available. You have the option of 2 weeks up to 12 weeks. No refund is available if you end your advert early. If you horse is unsold, your advert can be easily relisted by you online.

Scammers and Bogus Buyers

Protect yourself, be aware of bogus buyers and scammers. We have put in place a number of hidden security features to help prevent contact from spammers but some do slip through. You can also choose not to be contact by email if you prefer although it can be a useful communication tool.

Please note that we will not ask you for debit or credit card or personal details by email and if you have any doubt about the authenticity of any emails received from EquestrianNeeds.com, please contact us.

Updated: July 2013