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Warden Hill
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Tel: 01242 255133 Fax: 01242 253794

Email: woodlands.daly@btconnect.com

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We are a team of a team of 3 dedicated equine veterinary surgeons with long standing experience in all aspects of equine work. Our primary aims are to provide an excellent quality of care to horses, ponies, donkeys and their owners. Our clients range from hairy ponies to competition horses of all types.

We divide our work load between yard visits and seeing horses at our clinic base, which is situated at Badgeworth Livery Yard. Certain procedures such as lameness investigations and x-rays are more straightforward if performed at our clinic. We also encourage owners to bring routine cases such as vaccinations and dental work to our clinic if possible. All treatment carried out at the clinic does not incur a visit charge.

We have a state of the art digital x ray machine and processor at our Badgeworth clinic. We also have a portable x ray machine, ultrasound and endoscopy facilities for investigation of cases both at the clinic and at owners own premises.

We try to provide a thorough approach to all cases, in particular focusing on preventative health care. We have health care packages available that can be adjusted according to the needs of your horse. Excellent dental care is one of our priorities, and we have superb hand rasps and motorised equipment, including facilities to widen diastemas (abnormal gaps between molar teeth that accumulate food and cause gum disease), an area that is at the forefront of equine dental technology.

We provide a 24 hour emergency service and we have excellent relationships with all local referral centres should your horse require emergency surgery. We also use the services of an equine medical consultant who is able to travel to our clinic or to clients own premises to investigate more complex problems such as endoscopy of the stomach or abdominal ultrasound.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment or have a chat with one of our equine team.

(01242) 255 133

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