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Clipping time!

Itís the time of the year once again we will be considering whether to clip our horses or not, which clip, when to do it and how best to go about it.

Why Clip

Horses are clipped during the winter months when a horseís coat is much thicker. Clipping helps to reduce sweating making horses more comfortable, it allows them to dry quicker ultimately making them easier to manage. Clipping can also smarten the appearance of the horse removing the hairy mammoth look for winter competitions.

When to Clip

Generally horses are clipped between October and January. Some will require two or even three clips during the winter months. It is often advised not to clip your horse beyond January to avoid affecting the summer coat but many professional yards clip all year around without issue.

Which Clip

Deciding which clip will depend on your horseís living conditions, work load and confirmation.

The more time a horse spends in the field the better it is to leave as much hair as possible to help to keep him warm. A horse in heavy work may benefit from a clip which removes most of the hair, whereas those in light work will be suitable for less clipping.

Finally, you may want to consider the confirmation of your horse. For example, a chaser clip will highlight the stomach so isnít great for weight carriers. A trace clip is ideal for short coupled horses whilst a half head clip is better for those with a larger head.

In the Clipping section you will find businesses who provide clipping, clipper blades and blade sharpening services.

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