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Sadly each year a number of horses are stolen with few being recovered and returned to their owners. There are a number of steps you can take to help prevent being a victim of this distressing crime.

  • Ensure you field is secure and the gate is chained and padlocked.
  • Reverse the top hinge of your gate to make it impossible to lift off.
  • Avoid leaving the headcollar on your horse as this makes it easier to catch and do not leave baler twine around as it could be used as a restraint.
  • Lock away yard equipment, forks and shovels can be used as weapons and your wheelbarrow to carry away your equipment.
  • Have your horse freeze branded and security mark your equipment. Police are often unable to trace owners of unmarked property unless it can be identified.
  • Make sure your horse is checked throughout the day and night but not at the same time
  • Be observant, if things are wrong or items are missing, it may indicate there is a problem
  • Be aware of strangers and challenge them where possible but do not take risks with your own safety

Our Security section lists businesses which provide products or services which help to prevent you being a victim of theft.

If you have been a victim and lost a horse or pony due to theft, please add the details to our Stolen section free of charge. Your horse details will then be available to potential buyers increasing their awareness of your loss and possibly contributing to identifying its location and recovery.

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