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Where to keep your horse?

As a horse owner or carer, you must consider how and where to keep your horse or pony. If you do not own land or have stables on your property, then livery is a key option for you.

Livery is another term for rented horse accommodation,which may or may not include other services. There are different forms including: full livery, part livery, DIY livery and grass livery.

Each person or horse has their own requirements and there are a wide variety of livery services available which offer different facilities and services.

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When choosing a livery you may wish to consider the following:

  • What is the basis of the livery? DIY may be suitable if you are available to care full time for your horse but if you work then full livery may be a better option.
  • What facilties are provided? consider where you will ride both in the winter and summer.
  • Is bedding, feed and hay provided or available? if not, consider where will you source these items and how will you transport them to the stables.
  • What security is in place in the yard? does someone live on site?
  • Location, how far will you have to travel and how accessible will the yard be in winter conditions?
  • Is turn out offered? will this be alone or shared with other horses and ponies?
  • Are the stables and yard well maintained? is the fencing secure?
  • Currently livery yards do not need to be licensed however the BHS have an approval scheme and details of approved yards can be found on their website.

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We hope you enjoy browsing this section and you find a suitable livery for you and your horse.

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