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Welcome to our Stallion Section where you will find stallions from across the UK and Ireland.

Sadly, the equine industry has felt the effects of financial cut backs with reports of horses being abandon because people cannot afford to keep them. Given the market conditions, the decision to cover your mare this year will be a difficult one.

Considerations include:

  • The breeding goal, what is the purpose of raising a foal?
  • Ensure your mare has strong enough points to breed and where she fits in the market place. The stallion's strong points should complement the weaker aspects of your mare and match her perceived value.
  • Check the stallion's bloodlines, research the accomplishments of his offspring.
  • Location of the stallion, unless you are considering AI, there are practical arrangements to be made and travelling may introduce health issues for your mare.
  • The stud fee. Many factors contribute to the stud fee and other costs may be associated with booking and mare care.

Our Stallion section will help you to choose a sire, for foaling and breeding services, please see our Breeding Section.

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