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Welcome to the Apple Orchard, a beautiful place where horses roam in the lush grass and sunshine.

To create a tribute to your horse, simply send a photo and message to charitydonation@equestrianneeds.com.

You can also help those who are yet to find loving homes making a small donation by paypal. Money should be sent to charitydonation@equestrianneeds.com, stating to which charity you wish to donate. You can find a list of equine charities on our Rehome Page.

Bob, went to pony heaven 2011. A much loved and missed family member.

A day of sadness for me today remembering the loss of little tinkers much loved Pip but also a day of wonderful memories that Pip gave us, a beautiful brave wonderful pony that will never be forgotten, Pip we miss you so very much but we know that you are with us forever watching over your little herd and keeping all the tinkers safe, run free my baby xx

O'Mallay died 2010 "...If devilment was done he was there, with dancing eyes through long forelock hair. He would pull a shrub, shake it and run, I could see work but he thought fun! To be placed in the apple orchard is such a treat as apples galore he would steal and eat..."

Brookie - My mum bought him for me having seen him at hunter trials when i was 14, he was 13. He looked awful and had a lot of issues when we got him home. However, his passport showed he was grade A and had showjumped in Egypt and Lybia amongst other places. He was not easy but when he realised we were on his side he turned out to be my ‘horse of a lifetime’, a stunning 17’1hh giant and together we went to 3* level in eventing, when he relaxed he often led from start to finish. He would and could jump anything for me, I never carried or needed a stick and I will never be lucky enough to sit on anything like him again, it was a privilege. He retired happy and fat at home where he lived out his old age watching over the young upstarts.

Some of the Greats

Red Rum, winner of the Grand National 1973 & 1974, second 1975 & 1976 and winner again in 1977. Red Rum died on 18 October 1995, aged 30. He is buried at the winning post of the Aintree Racecourse. The epitaph reads "Respect this place this hallowed ground a legend here his rest has found his feet would fly our spirits soar he earned our love for evermore".

Sadlers Well 1981 - 2011, 14 sires' championships in Britain and Ireland, he was retired from stallion duties in 2008 at the age of 27 due to declining fertility having held sway over the breed for 20 years. At the time of retirement he had sired the winners of 106 European Group 1 races, including 23 Classics in Britain, Ireland and France.

The glorious Milton, show jumping's first millionaire. By Marius, a Dutch-bred stallion and out of a part-Arab mare from whom he inherited his coat colour and tremendous presence Milton stood 16.3hh in his prime. He sadly died at 22 following a bout of colic. He is buried on the Whitakers Farm in Yorkshire.

Sgt Reckless, a little 14.1 mare who served with the US army in the Korean War. She was bought from a Seoul Racetrack and joined the marines in 1952. Despite being injured in battle several times, she fearlessly carried ammunitions during open warfare. Retiring in 1960, she died in 1968 and was buried with full military honours at Camp Pendleton.

A tribute to the many hundreds of Pit Ponies who served underground in the coal mines.

Animal Memorials

A tribute to the 6 million horses who served and died in the Great War.

The Animals in War monument in London is a powerful and moving tribute to all the animals that served, suffered and died alongside the British, Commonwealth and Allied forces in the wars and conflicts of the 20th century.

The Australian monument in Canberra, on the right, commemorates those animals that served alongside Australians in all conflicts. Animals as diverse as horses, dogs, donkeys, camels and pigeons performed many essential duties, such as transport, tracking and carrying messages ; some also lived with the Australians as mascots or companions.

You can read poems dedicated to horses here

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