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Types of Clip


The hair is clipped from underside of the neck and girth area. This is ideal for horses turned out all the time or without a rug. It can also be useful for horses which may be liable to kick or youngsters being clipped for the first time.

Chaser clip

The hair is clipped in a line from the stiffle to the poll. Ideal for youngsters or horses who are turned out much of the time.

Trace Clip

For the trace clipe, a strip of hair is removed from the belly and sides leaving the top of the body and neck covered. The trace can altered according to workload with horses in light work being left low or those in heavy work left higher.


In a blanket clip, hair is left over the quarters and the legs are not clipped. The head can be clipped fully or left with hair covering half.


All hair is removed except for the legs and saddle patch. The hunter clip is suitable for horses in heavy work whilst allowing them some protection around the legs and saddle area.


All the hair is removed including the legs. This clip is often used in professional yards.

Last Updated: October 2013