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With thousands of visitors from across the UK and Ireland, EquestrianNeeds.com is one of the best websites to look for a horse or pony. We also share the details with 1000's of our Facebook friends, Fans and Twitter Followers.

You can easily place a wanted advert FREE online. Help features are available to guide you through every step and ensure you get the most from your advert.

All adverts are published immediately and any changes can be made easily by logging into your account.

If you have placed an advert with us before you will already hold an account, therefore you will need to first login.

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What happens next?

Step 1 Advert Details
You will be asked to complete a form which contains all the key information needed to place your advert.

Step 2 Preview Advert
After completing the form, you will be given the opportunity to view the advert as it will be seen by the public when it's published. There is an edit facility which allows you to make any changes or updates.

Step 3 Advert Published Immediately
After reviewing, your advert will be published immediately and will appear on our Social Media Sites (Facebook Page and Twitter) within a few days. Don't forget you can print your advert as an A4 poster to place locally or email it to friends.

Changing your Advert
You will be able to update or amend your advert at anytime during the listing. This can be done by logging into the website using the email and password requested during Step 1. Alternatively, we are happy to make any changes for you.